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At InPath Devices our objective is to serve as a “sapling nursery” for exciting and innovative vertically focused businesses that put data on the network in the areas of telephony, data and networking, alternative energy and business communities.

Data & Networking

InPath was originally founded in 1994 with the mission to provide solutions that “get your data on the network”. We were pioneers in the application of barcode technology in K-12 education. We went on to blaze new ground in wireless network and VoIP (getting your voice onto the network). We continue to innovate and are pressing ahead in the area of intelligent network appliances.
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Environmental Energy

More and more it is clear that our planet’s resources are limited. InPath is committed to pursuing opportunities to use our planet’s resources more wisely and more efficiently. Technology is providing us with the tools to decrease our reliance on finite natural resources and increasing our energy independence.
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Internet Communities

The Internet has brought all of us closer together - more than ever before. Technologies like email, chat, video, and VoIP tear down the barriers of time and space that exist between us. These new technologies have created interconnected communities that bring together groups of people that could never have existed just a few years ago.
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