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About InPath Devices

InPath Devices started in Palo Alto California in 1994 just months after the introduction of Mosaic (the first web browser) and at the dawn of what became known as the “internet revolution”. Our original objective was to provide solutions to create “on ramps” to get “real world” data onto the “information superhighway”. Or earliest products were barcode readers and wireless data terminals. Our earliest customers included Stanford University, Apple Computer, Tektronix Corporation and Loral Aerospace.

In 1998 we identified getting “voice data” (phone calls) onto the network as the “next big thing”. And, in fact since then Voice over IP products and services have grown to constitute InPath Device’s single largest revenue stream. In 2000 InPath Devices relocated our headquarters to Omaha, Nebraska. And today we actively service thousands of VoIP installations worldwide and in every state in the union from our offices in Omaha.

Today, InPath continues to grow and to innovate. InPath is currently focused on developing companies that foster communities on the Internet. While companies like MySpace and Facebook have had terrific success in the consumer market InPath’s emphasis is in the area of vertical business-to-business (B2B) communities. InPath is also promoting more efficient “web appliances” and technology which optimizes and tracks energy consumption.








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